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​Eldix Mandai

This freehold building was built by EL Development. A total of 12 story high. 170 units was constructed. David managed and sold over 140 units. This project alone is ​in excess of $160 million transacted. Strategy was either quick flipping or long term holdings of over 10 years.

​Premier Kaki Bukit

​60 years leasehold B2 factory. Premier is one rare development David got everyone in his portfolio to be involve. Low in supply High in market demand. It was a once in a blue moon ​development that will ​statistically yield investors fast and substantial profits. Investors on average made $330k and above from capital gained.​ Strategy was to mid term holding but not more than 10 years.

​Pioneer Centre

​One of the first few 30 years lease hold that are deem impossible for investment. David's investors and clients bought more than 160 units of 460 units. Strategy was not to hold for more than 4 years. ​Foresight advised​​​.

​Pioneer ​Junction

​Pioneer Junction plot of land was acquired after a successful launched at Pioneer Centre. Uniquely designed for the lack of supply in small working space in the west region. Its relatively good in response. Strategy is not to invest unless there are spare funds.


The Final piece of land in Pioneer Plot. Quite congested area with too many similar real estate. The price had risen significant to acquire. No investors in our portfolio was strongly advise to invest here. Strategy was to avoid this building and put funds in Premier Kaki Bukit.

​NorthStar AMK

NorthStar AMK was a very successful launched. The resale market for investors yield high returns. Most Investors made their first pot of gold from NorthStar. From here, assets progression to multiple other real estate investments.

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