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MaxMobi Capital

Why MaxMobi Capital

MaxMobi Capital is a Singapore Based financial investment sourcing firm with a vital focus in direct realty investments with a robust portfolio of industrial assets in Singapore.

We are able to supply customized real estate investment options for our customers across different countries and markets. Enabling best positioned to meet their financial investment goals.

Our Team consists of capable and qualified real estate specialists with deep domain knowledge in real estate investments and asset portfolio management.

MaxMobi understands purchasing is a very intricate important business right now. Emphasize much more through the many conventional along with interaction with the client. Every client is different. Every campaign is exclusive.

The Problems:

  • ​Not all properties are created equal. Which one is better?
  • Hard to determine which assets to invest.
  • ​Local Rules and Regulations.
  • ​Buying an area that will never grow.
  • Do not know the local culture.
  • Market's Potential. Is it dying or ever green
  • ​Emotions Investing.

The Solutions:

  • ​Logical Analysis done on each recommended investment.
  • Working with locals to get the best advise and manage blind spots view coming from a foreigner.
  • Understand the Local Rules and Regulations to avoid any known surprises.
  • ​Check on Government Zone Planning for potential growth in area.
  • Understand why the demand is there. Speculative vs Real Demands.
  • Invest with logic and stats. Not emotions
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